History of SAMI

In May 2006 a ten member panel consisting of Muslim Professionals living in southern Prince George’s County came together.  Eight of these ultimately formed the Trustee Group that became the not for profit known as SAMI, Southern Prince George’s Association for Mutual Improvement.

SAMI’s leadership structure is made of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  SAMI’s Board carries a variety of experiences and expertise, Financial Services, IT Infrastructure, Marketing, Telephony, Project Management and more.

SAMI gained it’s not for profit status with the IRS in September 2009 as a 501(c) 3 entity.

SAMI has focused many of its available resources on establishing a Masjid in the Fort Washington area of Southern Prince George’s County.  Masjid Al-Hikma was established as the cornerstone and foundational hub of SAMI activities in Feb 2007.  In accordance with authentic Islamic Tradition the establishment of prayer provides a number of benefits to our growing Muslim community as well as our non-Muslim neighbors.  SAMI and Masjid Al-Hikma began with 10 people and now represents approximately of 150 families comprising multiple ethnicities.

Your SAMl Board of Directors
Zakiya Zaid
Abdul-Nur Zaid
Maurice Witten
Hammad Shah
Mohamed Hussien